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August 2011

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Sheets - Archer/Lana - un_love_you Prompt #14 "I'm awake and you're breathing"

Title: Sheets
Fandom: Archer
Characters/Pairings: Archer/Lana
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: un_love_you - Prompt #14: “I’m awake and you’re breathing.”
Summary: Archer was surprised at just how pleasant Lana could be.

“Pretty nice sheets, huh?”
“Mmmm... yeah, hun. They sure are...”

“I was going to get these ivory Millessimo sheets, but then my tailor accidentally ripped up my darkest black turtle neck, so I just pulled out my gun and had him-” Archer noticed Lana’s breath had slowed and he abruptly stopped talking. He leaned his naked form against the back of hers and gave a contented sigh.

It had been a rare night for both of them: a night without bickering, snarls, or accusations, and Archer was surprised at just how pleasant Lana could be. When she wasn’t under the pressure of work or keeping up appearances, she let her guard down, laughed, smiled, put out. Man, did she put out, and Archer was glad to take what he could get, seeing as Lana was on the list of the top five - well, okay, maybe top ten - hottest women he had ever gone to bed with. His eyes trailed over her smooth skin, the gentle curve of her back and absurdly perfect ass, and thought about how she had smiled while their fingers were laced together over dinner, his blue eyes swimming in her green ones.

“Jesus, Lana,” he whispered against the nape of her neck, hugging her tightly and trailing his thumb along her forearm. “You’re enough to make a man think about... monogamy.

Just then, Lana snored and Archer winced.

“Well, almost.”


lol very cute and surprisingly in character for Archer. I always feel like fanfiction changes the characters...makes me cringe. the last line really fit and I hope to see more