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August 2011

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Fair and Square - Archer/Lana - un_love_you Prompt #3: “This cancels out the hurt.”

Title: Fair and Square
Fandom: Archer
Characters/Pairings: Lana/Cyril, implied past Archer/Lana
Rating: R
Challenge: un_love_you - Prompt #3: “This cancels out the hurt.”
Summary: She pretends not to notice, but she knows how much he hates to hear her moan.

You are such a naughty Nellie!”

Cyril would never admit how much he loves it when they screw at work. He loves the way Lana strolls through the door to his office with that look on her face. How the papers are cast about and the way her skin sticks slightly to the polished mahogany desk. How she groans, “Right there, Cyril, yes!” against his ear as he thrusts.

Lana would never admit that she can’t stand the face that Cyril makes when he comes, how he gasps with his mouth gaping like a dying fish. She would never admit that she finds the noises he makes a turn-off, and that she has, on more than several occasions, faked it.

And Lana would never, ever admit how much she loves seeing Archer’s face when she passes him in the hall afterward, knowing full well that he just heard her and Cyril fuck when he has that look on his face.

“Hey Lana, were you guys killing a cow in there?”

She socks him in the arm, hard, but nothing that he says will bring her down. When she walks on and hears him groan, there’s a pain in his voice that’s not just from the punch, and Lana knows that, in some small way, she’s won fair and square.