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August 2011

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Fanfic: Archer - "Last in Line" (Chapter 2)

Title: Last In Line
Fandom: Archer
Pairing: Lana/Cheryl
Rating: M
Summary: Takes place at the end of 1x10: “Dial M for Mother”. Cheryl may be last in line to “get it on” with Lana, but she won’t settle for anything less than the real deal.

Chapter 1 can be found here


Author’s Note: To any and all who have read this story so far: thank you very much for reading and for being patient. I have had a busy summer with work and friends and life so it’s been hard finding time to write. Please review!


Back at her apartment, Lana ran a bath and poured herself a glass of wine. While the water ran she relaxed into a chaise lounge, sipping thoughtfully at the deep red liquid in the smooth glass. She picked up her phone to check her voicemail and listened to an agonizing four messages from a whimpering Cyril, begging her to take him back, reminding her who "makes the best stir fry." Lana felt anger swell within her as Cyril blubbered senselessly.

"Blah, blah, blah, now shut it, asshole." Lana sighed as his last message ended with Cyril's wailing cutting off abruptly. She wondered why she had ever put up with him, thinking of his incessant questions and incomparable neediness. Had it really been worth it just to piss Archer off?

She sipped thoughtfully at the wine, reflecting on her day. When she had woken up this morning, she had no idea that she would have pretended to bone every last man at ISIS, and then actually end up doing... Pam. Lana shuddered at the memory, wondering if Krieger could provide her with some monstrous "spy" device to eradicate those thoughts from her brain.

Cheryl, on the other hand, had ignited feelings within Lana that Lana hadn't felt in a while, feelings that she didn't think she was capable of feeling anymore. Was it possible that Lana was turned on by the thought of, at last, being back in control of someone? Archer had never been "hers", and Cyril had betrayed her. Cheryl was ditzy and submissive, though, Lana knew, not entirely moronic. And there was no denying that she was rather attractive, though, thankfully, her looks wouldn't challenge Lana's. Lana stood up and downed the last of her wine as she stood for a moment, thinking.

Lana walked into the bathroom and shut the water off, admiring the smooth surface as tossed in bath salts and sloshed them around to create suds and free the scent. She slid off her dress and climbed into the steaming water, feeling her tension melt as she sunk down into the bubbly suds. She ran her hands down her body, feeling the rippling warm of the water against her curves. Lana realized that, even with all of her sexual escapades and her broad range of relationship experiences, she couldn't recall a time when she had taken a bath with anyone. She had taken plenty of showers with various men - and the occasional woman - but she couldn't remember ever snuggling against someone in a dimly light bathroom, surrounded by the warmth of the water. Somewhere deep within Lana's thoughts, Cheryl entered, quietly disrobing in a corner of Lana's brain and easing herself into the warm water...

Lana snapped back to reality and leapt slightly, splashing water over the sides of the tub. Damn it, Kane, this is Cheryl we're talking about! Or... is it actually Carol? Or... oh god. Lana sighed and leaned her neck back against the cool marble of the tub, closing her eyes and allowing her mind to wander off as her fingers wandered between her thighs. She allowed herself to imagine how it would be if Cheryl were in the tub with her, how it would feel to have Cheryl's breasts pressed against her own and feel Cheryl's fine-boned fingers working where Lana's were right at the moment. Lana groaned as she pushed her fingers inside of herself, biting softly on her lower lip as she envisioned pressing it against Cheryl's slim waist. She could feel herself getting close to orgasm, but something was holding Lana back, and no matter how hard she tried to let herself let go, she felt restrained. Lana groaned and sank deeper into the water, defeated.

After a moment, she rallied. "Okay, something has GOT to give," Lana muttered to herself, stepping out from the suds and wrapping herself in a thick pink towel. She drained the water and moved toward the mirror, inspecting her impeccable reflection and questioning her own eyes.

"What do you want?" she asked herself. Her reflection provided a blank stare, and then a snarl. "Who can help me figure this all out?" she tried this time, and her eyes provided the very answer that she had been dreading.

Before she could second guess herself, Lana rushed from the bathroom and grabbed her phone. She paused for a moment and stared at the screen, finally forcing herself to click one of the first contacts on her list. She chewed at the skin on her index finger as the phone rang, suddenly hoping that no one would pick up...

"Uh, Archer? Hey. It's... me."